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Grow Leads

More Leads = More Dollars!

Three case studies and proven strategies show you how to get new leads and grow!

Finding new customers would be easy if you could just “clone” the ones you already have. You can and it’s your own data that will help you get there! Download your free copy of this exclusive guide, The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation: Best practices and case studies for more leads and more dollars. Armed with new insights, you’ll soon be leading your own successful lead generation campaigns to drive new revenue for your company or more donations to your organization. You’ll learn:

  • Why profiling your existing customers is within easy reach and how to target their “clones” for new sales
  • Essential “touch points” to make your marketing messages more relevant and motivate the action you seek
  • The types of organizations that can most benefit from a referral program, turning customers into brand advocates
  • How to integrate direct mail with digital to jumpstart your engagement with prospects
  • What 80% of business marketers call a valuable activity to uncover leads . . . and how you can do it, too
  • PLUS: Three real-life case studies show marketers – just like you – putting strategies into action to win new business!